To Our Peoples And The Public Opinion

Terrorist bandits carried out a nefarious attack on the municipality of Qamishlo yesterday. We pay our grateful tribute to the martyrs and offer our condolences to their families.

Jineolojî as the science of woman

The elimination of women from the ranks and the subjects of science requires us to look for a radical alternative.

Killing the dominant male: Instituting the Third Major Sexual Rupture against the dominant male

Woman’s multi-faceted devotion to life may clarify man’s societal sexist stand. Societal sexism means the loss of wealth of life under the blinding and exhausting influence of sexism and the consequent rise of anger...

Economy and Women

Woman and economy are interwoven components.

Capitalism and Women

Political and military power play quite an important role in maintaining the capitalist system’s hegemony.

To Our Peoples and The Public Opinion

The people of Kurdistan will never forget the massacres of Halabja, Dersim, Zilan and the massacres in East Kurdistan...


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